Wednesday, 18 July 2007

I am only human

After posting the piece below just this morning, I received information about the death of my friends dad. Tragic road accident. We have been very close families, and I referred to him as daddy when addressing him. Doesn't make my day any better. Well, I wasn't feeling that great to begin with, but now there is a real reason. I have also realised that there are times I will feel great, and there are times I will feel really bad... and it's all part of life. Even really healthy people have their 'bad days', so what makes me think I am any special. I am only human.


Kalle said...

That's right, only human. With hiv or without.

And we all must die some day, by accident or death from an illness, so seize the day ;)

Kenn Chaplin said...

Sorry to hear of the death of your friend's dad. I am sure you will be a support on her walk through grief.